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God has a plan for your family.

positive & powerful 

Christian parenting

The current parenting class will be the LAST class MCC will offer. (June 2022)

We sincerely thank all of those individuals and agencies that have partnered with us through the years. 


Positive and Powerful Christian Parenting provides practical parenting skills to effectively handle day-to-day struggles, while focusing on the long-term goal of raising mature Christians. Through weekly sessions, this effective series will equip you with the skills and resources to be the best parent you can be.

During the program, parents will learn core skills that will aid in raising children and interacting with them in the most beneficial way possible. Instructed by a counselor with nearly 20 years experience as a nationally certified school psychologist, Positive and Powerful Christian Parenting offers parents “a strong foundation for creating happy and healthy homes.”

Along with the three hour weekly sessions, parents may request one-on-on parent coaching with the instructor to help practice the principles and techniques discusses in class for an additional fee. If you would like more information on Positive and Powerful Christian Parenting, please contact us through our website.


Let McGuire Christian Counseling help you be an example of our Heavenly parent to your children.

Parenting Services 

Parenting Coaching 

Coaching sessions are customized to the unique needs of the parent and their children. Sessions may be with the parent only or with the parent and children, depending on the need. 

If you are a caseworker referring a client for parent coaching, please complete the caseworker referral form on the Caseworker Tab

For more information, please contact Lisa Butler at 417.86.7773 or

Individual Therapy 

If you are interested in therapy with Lisa Butler, the author of Positive and Powerful Christian Parenting, please complete the new client form located on our New Clients tab and select Lisa Butler as the preferred therapist. 


As an LPC, the self-pay rate is $150 per session. Lisa does not currently accept commercial insurance plans. 


About the Instructor


Lisa is married with two children and relocated to Missouri from Colorado four years ago.  Lisa brings a wealth of personal experience, academic training and almost 20 years of experience as a nationally certified school psychologist and is currently working as a provisionally licensed professional counselor.  As a school psychologist, Lisa worked with students from preschool through high school and provided consultation to parents, instructors, and administrators to provide a deeper understanding of academic needs and services.  She has worked with students suffering from severe emotional and behavioral deficits in both day treatment and self-contained classrooms.  Lisa was an active member of the Crisis Response Team in Colorado and provided immediate assistance and support to children in crisis, including those directly impacted during and after the Columbine shootings.  Lisa has a passion for parent education and has created a parenting program, Positive & Powerful Christian Parenting, to offer parents a strong foundation for creating happy and healthy homes.  In counseling, Lisa uses an integrative approach focusing on the family system to support families in their growth; through marriage and family therapy.  Lisa has a MA degree in Educational Psychology and an Ed.S degree in school psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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