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Aaron McGuire, LPC


Specialties: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Marriage Therapy, Financial Counseling


Aaron McGuire, Licensed Professional Counselor, is the founder and president of McGuire Christian Counseling. Before starting MCC in May of 2008 he worked at Lakeland Regional Hospital as a counselor on the sexually maladaptive unit. Aaron has also worked with Eagle Crest Counseling and Safe Harbor Counseling in the private sector dealing with a wide variety of clients with mental health issues. Aaron is also part of Freeway Ministries where he preaches weekly, serves at a weekly men’s Bible study and sits on the board of directors to help those that struggle with addictions, social/mental health issues and life skills. Aaron started MCC to glorify Christ through superior christian counseling services.

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Shawna Landazuri, LCSW

Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement Counseling

Shawna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who obtained her Master's in Clinical Social Work from University of Southern California.  Shawna is a former active duty military veteran who served as a team and squad leader in Iraq. She worked as a readjustment counseling therapist for Sepulveda & Chatsworth Vet Center before entering private practice. Her personal experience in the military and living abroad in Iraq and in Ecuador brings a great degree of cultural competence to her work and enables her to be well-suited in working with varied populations.





Magda Romman, PLPC

Specialities: Crisis Intervention, PTSD, Trauma related issues

Magda joined McGuire Christian Counseling bringing with her the very unique experience of having worked as a physician for World Vision International in Rwanda, Central  Africa.. During her time in Rwanda, Magda ministered to  those affected by psychological and physical trauma associated with the genocide. Upon returning to the US, she added to her education by obtaining her Master of Arts in Counseling. Magda has extensive experience working with individuals in crisis and those who have mental health issues related to PTSD and trauma.







Lisa Butler, LPC

Specialties: Parenting, Marriage and Family Counseling

Lisa is married with two children and relocated to Missouri from Colorado four years ago.  Lisa brings a wealth of personal experience, academic training and almost 20 years of experience as a nationally certified school psychologist and is a licensed professional counselor.  As a school psychologist, Lisa worked with students from preschool through high school and provided consultation to parents, instructors, and administrators to provide a deeper understanding of academic needs and services.  She has worked with students suffering from severe emotional and behavioral deficits in both day treatment and self-contained classrooms.  Lisa was an active member of the Crisis Response Team in Colorado and provided immediate assistance and support to children in crisis, including those directly impacted during and after the Columbine shootings.

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