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online counseling

Online Counseling with MCC

Do you live in an area where quality Christian counseling is difficult or impossible to access? Would you like a discreet counseling experience without leaving your home or office? Do you want to refer someone who lives outside of the driving radius of our Springfield, Missouri office? Do you currently have trouble getting to the counseling office because of sickness, transportation, or childcare?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, online counseling with McGuire Christian Counseling is a solution for you!


Let us come along side you with caring hearts, at your convenience, on a confidential and secure counseling program.


Frequently asked questions about online counseling

Q: What type of device do if I want online for counseling?

A: Any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a microphone will work.

Q: What is the cost for Online Counseling? How do I pay for an online counseling session?

A: Credit card information will be collected in the initial paperwork. The card on file will be charged once the next business day following your session.

Q: What if I can't keep my appointment? 

A: Please reference our cancellation policy here.

Q: What areas can an online counselor address? 

A: We specialize in individual, family and relationship counseling. Counseling areas include self-esteem, depression, anxiety, grief, financial and vocational counseling; Abuse and sexual maladaptive behavior counseling; Premarital and marital counseling; adolescent and teen therapy.


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